5 Steps to Mastering Your Pitch – Rachel Parker’s Pitch that Won!

Last November  I created a workshop called Killer Keynote and miraculously it filled itself with some pretty talented emerging speakers.  Each month many of the “Killers” gather for a group coaching day. Watching them grow into speakers/thought leaders has become the highlight of my year. It is a joy when students graciously take in what you give them, do the work, and reap the rewards!

Let me give you an example.  A few sessions back we had a full day of learning how to do “The Pitch”.  The Killers were working on and completing their presentation and now they had to sell it or PITCH it!   I gave them the 5 steps in pitching (above) gave some examples, and had them do a little role playing. Then it was up to them…

Here’s what Rachel Parker created

She created this and sent the video pitch to the speaker selection at the Houston AMA 2013 EDGE conference.  She is now speaking at the conference! Rachel Rocks!!

Let’s examine what she did:

1. She got their attention with the statistic that blew her mind…that you are more likely to complete a Navy Seal training than you re to click on a banner ad. OUCH!!!!

2.  They felt the need to listen when she said that the Mad Men Marketing approach doesn’t work today. We don’t trust advertising and we go out of our way to avoid it. Sorry Don Draper, you still are very handsome.

3. Her solution is that there is a better way… stop talking at the customer and start talking with them.

4.  Great visualization when she said the magic word IMAGINE having customers look forward to hearing from you.

5.  Then she throws you into action telling you that you are going to get her 6-step process… WE want more! We want her… she got the gig!

You can hear Rachel Parker along with the other great speakers at the AMA Houston Marketing Edge – Read all About it and go see Rachel!

BTW the next Killer Keynote Workshop will have a guest appearance from Houston’s very own comic and master of thinking on her feet… Rice University’s  Kim McGaw… the entire day will focus on Humor. Wanna get funnier??? then save the date – Sat. November 23 and send me an email – I’ll get you on the LIST!

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