5 Tips to Help Make Your Story Sticky


Recently I spoke to a fantastic group of around 200 emerging leaders in the Hospitality Industry at the 70th Annual Short Course. In my keynote, I did a piece on telling your story, and I had them get into pairs and share their personal story of,  “How they got into the hotel business.”

They say that facts tell but stories sell… So, move over Brothers Grimm, storytelling is not just for kids anymore. Your story is a powerful tool that can help you advance your career, step into your leadership potential, and build a meaningful professional brand.

We each have a story inside us waiting to be told. Powerful stories do more than entertain – they establish rapport, develop teams, make the sale, attract talent, relieve stress, build trust, manage expectations, and they make us smile.

If you want to get really good at telling your story here are a few tips to think about:

1. Tim Sanders will tell you that first off  you need to be likeable, so don’t brag or over compliment yourself. A little self-deprecating humor never hurts. Remember that friendliness, relevance, empathy , and authenticity matter.


2. People identify with characters- so if you are telling a story that involves someone else such as a teacher, parent, or good friend, embellish on that person and create a real and descriptive character that is memorable.


3.  Great stories have emotions and are inspiring. When you are thinking about your story, take the listener on a short journey. In your life you may have been faced with a challenge or a roadblock. Share with us what you did to overcome that challenge, and ultimately when you emerged, you were  happier, more successful or maybe even transformed.


4.  Great stories are memorable so make your story “sticky” by referring to an iconic  place, famous person or event. Sticky stories hold the audience’s attention and they are remembered and retold time and again.

People continually ask me  to retell my “Sting Story”

5.  Ultimately, we are remembered by our stories, but no one will tell your story if you don’t first tell it yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get going and start telling your story!