Authenticity – Just Be YOU!

“Be Yourself – Everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde

Over the past few years I have been coaching many talented individuals who are working towards becoming professional keynote speakers. One of the most challenging parts of the speaker-puzzle is the authenticity piece. The ability to be you on the stage, and bring the parts of you that are uniquely you into your presentation will differentiate you from the pack and make a real difference. Authenticity is the secret ingredient and it  has become an important presentation attribute. When speakers have it, they can inspire their audiences to make positive changes, keep learning, and change the world. That said, it’s hard to teach someone how to be authentic.

Jimmy Fallon can help!

Last week Jimmy Fallon took the reins of the Tonight Show and brought his authentic self along.  Jimmy does not play it cool! He plays it like Jimmy Fallon – He’s appears a little nervous, giggling, gushing and saying a lot of, So great! So great.” He talks about his childhood, wife Nancy, their new baby girl Winnie, and on the opening night of the show, he waved to his parents in the audience and told them that he loved them. The viewers seem to love him not to mention he has the most impish grin and exudes tons of infectious energy.

Besides authenticity there are other lessons we can learn from Jimmy.

Authenticity happens when we give ourselves the freedom to see our strengths and our value. When we are truly authentic we are comfortable in our own skin, giving us the ability connect with others in a meaningful way.

Thanks for the lessons, Jimmy and here’s to seeing you for the next 22 years on late night.

And we love how you collaborated with JT.

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