Freaked-Out about Technology? Lesson I learned from a Gen Y

I remember when I first started putting Power Point into my keynotes. I freaked out  when projector couldn’t find my my Mac and I had to go it alone …Then I added music and I freaked out when the sound was so soft the audience strained to hear Ice Ice Baby …Then I added video to the Power Points and I freaked out about the quality of the movie…

I guess I am a technology freak.

Then, last year I started working with Crystal Washington, a Gen Y social media and marketing guru creating Socialtunities workshops, and I learned that at times technology fails…get use to it! If you don’t try new ways of doing your presentations and keynotes you are not growing. Today the audience is forgiving when it comes to technology. Everyone knows that at times technology will fail. – Just keep on learning, growing, and trying new technology! Thanks Crystal…

BTW Crystal is offering an advanced Social Media Webinar for business owners, sales manages and professionals who  want to learn  how you can better leverage social media to connect with powerful influencers, attract clients, and get sales. Read all about is here – just click on classes…Crystal has helped so many grow their business with social media that she now has her own segment on Fox. She is the real deal!

Thanks Justin-Social Media Tip: Hang out where your customers hang out!

I remember when Gen Y- Justin Bieber first came on the pop culture scene back in 2008 and I honestly thought it was a joke…I mean really, a mom videos her 12 year old son and posts it on YouTube for his friends to see…and POW he’s discovered by Scooter (What kind of a name is Scooter?) Braun, a talent manager?

Well I guess I was wrong on this one!

YES!!! That’s how it happened!  The power of YouTube put him in front of millions of crazed pre-teens and teenage girls and they made him famous in what seems like an instant!  Actually it took about 3 years to build his brand on YouTube.

Fast forward to June 4, 2012
Did you see the June 4th issue Forbes where Justin Bieber became the all-time youngest person to appear on the cover? Forbes ranked him 3rd most influential celeb right after Jennifer Lopez and our beloved Oprah! Not only is he young and famous but he got their really F-A-S-T! Since 2009 he has sold over 15 Million albums grossing 150 million.


So how did he do all of this so fast? Social Media!  He simply hangs out where his fans hang out… on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Here are some amazing Bieber stats :

•    @JustinBieber has 25+ million Twitter followers—more than any person on Earth except for  Lady Gaga.

•    On Facebook he has 45,750,364 likes · million likes (fans ) –  more than Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s put together.

•    Justin’s YouTube channel was the biggest in the world before he even had a record deal

•  Justin’s first performance at Madison Square Gardens in New York City sold out in just 22 seconds.

•    (Now he’s branching out) Justin has sold 1 million bottles of his nail polish line, “One Less Lonely Girl.”

•    Justin’s perfume Someday made $60 million worth of sales in its first 6 months.


So what’s the big take away from all of this. Actually there are a few


1. Social media, and the internet are  HUGE! And…before you jump in on everything,  you have to know your customer and where they are hanging out! Otherwise you are just wasting your time! Do you know where your customers hang out? Find out and make sure you are there, constantly working  on your brand…and getting noticed.

2.  Engage with your customer. Spend time responding, answering, re-tweeting, sharing their content  and asking questions.  Focus and use your time wisely!

3.  We are all in the business of SALES- you may be a teacher, scientist, and HR director or a musician…today we are all in the business of self-promotion. How and where are you promoting YOU?

4. Loyalty is not dead! Keep growing your fan base!

5. oh… and maybe you should start videoing your kids!

How Each Generation Uses Social Media

Social media is no longer viewed as “kids stuff” and the social media pioneer days of My Space are long gone. Today Boomers, Gen X & Y ,corporations, brands, organizations, and associations are all embracing social media.  We are realizing that social media is a fantastic way to engage with family, friends, customers and future customers.

Everyone may be on social media but not all the generations are using “The Big 4”- Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube– in the same manner. If you are trying to target a certain market with your social media efforts this may help you understating who is doing what on social media. If you watch  to the video you will  get a better understanding  how the each of generations are engaging in social media.

A few months ago I did a webinar with digital marketing strategist and social media junkie Chris Rash  where Chris shared  this chart showing the 7 user levels of social media.

Are you a Social Media Spectator, Joiner, Collector, Critic ,Conversationalist, a Creator …or are you all of the above!




The Generations and Technology- Lessons from the Road Video

Last week I traveled to Rockwall, Texas to speak to the Texas Association for School Nutrition. The conference theme Connecting with the 4 Generations was a perfect fit!  They asked me to speak on the impact technology has on each generation and how using social media can improve business and communication in the new generations! (Don’t forget Gen Z !) As you will see, technology did not kick in in full force until 2000! It’s easy to see why many traditionalists and boomers are a little challenged with social media.  It’s time for many of us to go back to school!

Social Media Workshop for Speakers,Coaches,Authors and Consultants

December is historically a “slow” month for many Speakers, Consultants, Coaches and Authors and it’s a great opportunity invest TIME in Growing your Business. Crystal and Karen have created this program customized for Speakers, Consultants and Authors and will share secrets and time-saving tips that will help you book more business, sell more books, and create a social media marketing plan positioning you for success in 2012!   93% of marketers use Social Media for Business…do you?

In this 3 hour session designed for  Houston area Speakers, Authors, Coaches and  Consultants. Karen and Crystal will share:

  • Their LISTS: Who to follow;  Bloggers, Bureaus, Influencers
  • Getting more web traffic
  • How to get an immediate overflow of followers. (Advanced Social Media)
  • How to “set it and forget it” – A posting strategy that will save you hours while driving content
  • How to measure your Social Media progress
  • How to get “the right” followers  and a list of who to follow to grow your business
  • How to sell more books using a powerful tool that few authors know how to leverage. LinkedIn is one of the best-kept book marketing secrets in the publishing world –
  • How to get noticed by the “right people”

The Best Part- EVERYONE will leave with a physical social media strategy- a simple to follow action plan to guide you to success!

twitter birds

and lastly we will share

  • The #1 social media tip you must do when you are in front of an audience that will grow your following and visibility faster than you can imagine.
Thursday December 8

8:30 – Noon                                                                                                                               Houston Council – Lecture Hall

303 Jackson Hill- Houston 77008

Early bird $79.00

Limited Seating

Register Today

National Speaker, Author, and Branding Expert, Karen McCullough

Social Media Consultant and Social Media Speaker,Crystal Washington

together they will show you how to Grow Your Business with Socialtunities!

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Social Media not just for Gen Y! Boomers Join In!

Social Media is not just for Gen Y! Heads Up…Traditionalists, Boomers and Gen X,  social media is also good for you too! You’ve probably heard it said over and over, “Social Media is the game changer.” but, you may not  really know what that means?

Here are just a few of the benefits of Social Media.

  • It allows  YOU to “get found” by potential employers and clients.
  • Provides you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Drives traffic to your website, blog and business
  • Enables you to join circles of influence that you otherwise would not have access
  • Allows you to keep up with your competitors
  • Deepens relationships
  • When done correctly it builds your brand and reputation as an expert

Socialtunities is here to help!

If you want to learn how to engage in social media correctly join Crystal Washington and myself for an all-day Saturday event covering Online Branding, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter for Business! The Date: September 10th, the locations Houston Heights area…Read more

We’ve sold out 3/4 workshops and have received amazing praise from our attendees.

We also received something else
– tons of emails from people who wanted to attend, but could not make our weekday workshops so we are doing a full day on Saterday September 10th in Houstn.

Read more here

We are creating a community that embraces all the generations as we become comfortable and excited about social media!

Five Social Media Tips – Building the Foundation

Congratulations! You are now on Facebook and many of you are Tweeting! (Follow me!) So, here are five tips that will help you grow a following and leverage your  social media opportunities for your business and your career.

1. Stop talking, Start Listening
and then Start the Conversation.
Find out who your followers are and what they are interested in hearing. Ask questions, do research, and then listen. If you want to find out what people are saying about a certain topic in real time go to Once you have an  idea of what people are interested in,  start the conversation.  Tag people in posts or on twitter and bring them into the conversation.(Here’s how you tag: “@”and their profile name in Facebook “@”and their user name in Twitter) To learn more about Facebook and how to tag – here.

2. Get an area of Expertise and then and Brendon Burchard says,  Claim and Master your Topic. Create a topic- focused social media and content marketing strategy that builds your brand.   Brendon says, “Make sure that your topic is something that you are passionate, want to read and learn and write about, and that you are willing to live and breath for the next five years.”  Get an area of expertise (a topic) then focus and stay the course.

3. Quality over Quantity…
Unless you are a big-time marketer, it is  better to have fewer friends and followers that you share ideas, and  acknowledge than  a gazillion people who you know nothing about nor do you care about… and then they stop following in a couple of weeks, anyway! Build relationships, grow connect and chat-it-up with your friends and followers!

4. Patience ~ Persistence ~ Passion (Thank you Gary V)
Social media and content marketing success do not  happen overnight.
You have to  commit to the long haul if you want to  achieve results- be patient! Create a Social Media ritual and do something every day. Try and put at least 30 minutes into your social media every day. It is better to do a little each day than a lot once a week or month.  And then, show us your passion! Get us excited about you and your ideas. How can we get excited about you and your ideas if you’re not excited?

5. Develop a Sharing Mindset, The Baby-Boomer’s nature is to hide and keep for self…Gen X started this concept of sharing and giving it away(Remember your Mix Tape?). Today Gen Y not only gives it away but they remember to honor the messenger. Be giving and share and remember…There is enough rock for all of us!

Why I Love Twitter!

If you are an entrepreneur and have a business you should love Twitter too! Twitter connects businesses to customers and potential customers in real-time.  We use Twitter to quickly share information with people who are interested in our products, services and ideas.  It is the best way to gather real-time market intelligence and feedback…and make connections with great people.

Recently Crystal Washington and I taught a Socialtunities Workshop “Twitter for Business” and I was blown away at the enthusiasm and excitement that filled the room. The attendees communicated with us and each other via Tweet Chat , and it was a one of the BEST most INTERACTIVE workshop in which I have ever participated.

We had 4 generations tweeting!  A Forrester report revealed  that “Twitterers are the connected of the connected, overindexing at all Social Media habits.  For example, Twitterers are three times more likely to be Creators (people who create and share content via blog posts and YouTube) as the general US population.”

Here are just some of the reasons why I love Twitter.

1.  Twitter Informs, Educates, and Entertains you! The news and information comes to you! You are  in control of what information you choose to receive , who you choose to listen to and… NOT to listen to!

2. Twitter motivates and inspires you when you see what others in your industry are doing!

3. I love Twitter because it levels the playing field and we  get to chat and share with great people, successful people, and some very accomplished people,  on an equal footing.

4.  Twitter is a great brand builder! And your twitter profile page is the #1 piece of real estate on the net! Each time you get a new follower they enter  on your page.

5. Twitter can give you a meaningful connection with interesting  people, instant feedback, genuine conversations, ideas, and when you RT or favorite one of your  posts it makes you so happy!

6. Twitter drives traffic to your blog and website!

7.  Twitter builds your reputation as a thought leader.

8.  Using the right keywords helps you get found by your target market!

9. Miracles happen on Twitter…you never know who’s listening.

10.It’s  fun!

Why do you love twitter?

Facebook is Not Just for Gen Y- I Love Facebook for Business

If you still read the papers, watch the news, or saw the movie, The Social Network, you know that Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin. These Harvard friends launched Facebook from their dorm room back in February of 2004.

For the first couple of years, Facebook was only available to the Gen Y colleges students.  After 2006 it went main stream and the rest is history.

Today Facebook has hundreds of millions of users and has become the #1 way we network, stay connected to friends and family, and generate extreme visibility for small businesses as well as the Fortune 500’s.

Facebook has LIKE Power! It helps you to create a loyal following, build your brand, and  hopefully increase your profits.

You can create a “PAGE” that focuses on your personal brand, your business, product, or service.  On Facebook you can advertise an Event, share Photos, Videos, and Slides.  Facebook is constantly changed the way we do business, the way we connect to people and products. Facebook  helps us build both personal and professional relationships…and, it’s free!

Did you know that Facebook 93% or the adult US internet users are on Facebook? And that the average Facebook user spends over 11 hours per month on the site?

Also more than 33% of business marketers say the Facebook is CRITICAL to their business and that number keeps rising!

I am a believer and here are a few of the reasons Why I love Facebook for my Speaking Business:

1.  I has helped my and my brand Karen McCullough Speaker expand my digital footprint.

2. It helps me “Get Found” by potential event planners, meeting planners, and people interested in hearing me speak.

3.With the Facebook app. NetworkedBlogs it drives traffic to my blog , about .me and my website.

4.  It has deepend many business relationships.  We  now all have personalities to go along with our titles and positions.

5. It has connected me to people that I would normally never meet, like Guy Kawasaki! It has connected me to people I have admired from afar, people I haven’t seen or talked to in years, and new fabulous people I did not know even existed!

6. Facebook allows you to learn more about your competitors, and nudges you to keep growing.

7.  It makes me feel good each morning when I send birthday wishes to the Birthday People.  BTW Happy Birthday Liz Plaster and Chris Loomis!

8. It helps me “keep in touch”- kind of like the digital phone call.  I am noticing that when I say something nice to someone or just a brief remark it makes me feel goo and that helps my productivity!

9. Facebook has helped us sell over 500copies of  The Seven Women Project! Our fans on SWP fan page are loyal, interactive and they are spreading the word about our book on their walls!  This has been very eye-opening. The power of LIKE rocks!

10.  Facebook is a great teaching tool.  I continue to read others posts, blogs, and articles. It helps me stay relevant.

If yo want to learn more about Facebook connect on Socialtunities and learn how to leverage the opportunities of social media.

The Socialtunities Story- It happend so fast!

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I believe anything is possible. First you have to have the vision and then roll up your sleeves and prepare to do the work!  Last month, Crystal Washington ( a Gen Y) and I (The Boomer) created a new Social Media Workshop endeavor called, Socialtunities. The word came from an idea we both got from Sam Horn, combining words to make a new word- so we combined  Social Media and Opportunities.

Socialtunities -Leveraging social media opportunities in business and career.

After working 24/7 for three week we came up with our first workshop. Getting Started in Social Media… here’s what a business focused attendee had to say about it.

Then Houston media got wind of our project and within the  week we were on John Whaley’s -Global Entrepreneur Radio talking for a full hour with John about Socialtunities!


Kim Davis’s NBC ‘s Beyond the Headlines!

So…now we have THREE events up and ready to go for our Houston followers.

Read all about it and register if you live in the Houston area.

LinkedIn June 28th

Facebook for Business July 12th

Twitter July 19th