Confusion = NO!

A few days ago one of my presentation coaching clients asked me to “look over” her website copy.  I read it and then I reread it… and still I did not know exactly what she did or why I needed her services. (Maybe she needs more personal branding coaching!)

I was confused.

Think about it…a webpage has to grab you and keep you engaged. When we are surfing the net most of us are quick on the click and highly impatient.  If your homepage isn’t crystal clear we leave. Google calls that the Bounce Rate.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the design and the look and feel of the site that we overlook the importance of clarity and the words!

Clarity tops the list of the key principles of design thinking identified by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council.” —Alice Rawsthorn, New York Times, January 2010

Here are 5 things to remember to include on you website and for that matter your Linkedin page, resume , and anywhere you need to add a brief bio and connect with others:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do?

3. Who do you do it for?

4. Why you? What makes you better than the rest?

5. and …What do you want us to do? Give us a clue as to what action you want us to take.
These four questions are the cornerstone to any brand.  Take time and work on this before you jump in to your next project.

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