Controlling Your Online Brand- First-Google Your Name

Every summer I take on a new venture with the hope of growing my expertise and ultimately my speaking business.  A few years back I enrolled in an eight week social media webinar where I was introduced to some of the social media greats like Gary Vaynerchuck, Mari Smith, and Darren Rowse and after eight weeks I was hooked on social media.  Social media is the perfect partner with one of my areas of expertise, personal branding. Developing your authentic online brand is critical in your success with social media.

This summer I have partnered with “Social Media Guru” Crystal Washington and together we are combining our talents in social media and personal branding, offering workshops on how to leverage social media.  The first step before you send out one tweet is to design your strategy!

Start with a  plan and think about “who you are “and what you want “to be known for.”

STOP and THINK before you jump into social media. Something as simple as your twitter name can be a roadblock between you and your brand.  I know many people who have selected twitter names that have nothing to do with their brand and how they want to be perceived. You might love your dog to death but selecting the Twitter name @doggielover says nothing about YOU. When people thank you on Twitter or they retweet you,  you want people out there to see YOUR NAME or something very close to YOUR NAME. (unless your name is Mashable– there will always be exceptions to the rule!)

Here’s some brand work for you-

Do you know what are you currently known for? Want to find out?

Google Yourself

Do you show up?

How do you show up?

What are the words that pop up as you search for yourself?

What words do you want to show up?

Now take some time and make a list of words and phrases that describe you.  These words are your key words. A keyword is a word or phrase that people type in search engines like Google or social media sites like LinkedIn to find information, products or services based on a topic.  You want to get found when people search for words related to what you do!
Be sure and use your key words in all of your social media bios and profiles. Use the exact words that you want people to type into Google to find YOU!

I just googled Houston Generations Speaker and here’s what came up!

Your online brand will grow much faster if you remember to use keywords that will help you get found as you continue growing your brand.

What are you known for? Google yourself and find out! and…if you want to learn Facebook for Business check out our next event on July 12th.

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