Don’t Overcommit! Overcommitting Is Blindsiding Your Success


What’s that one thing that if you completed, it, the results would bring you more happiness, satisfaction, money, or fame? Maybe, it’s getting that project management accreditation, realtor license, taking Spanish 4, or signing up for Keynote Speaker, Crystal Washington’s webinar course on marketing through social media?

Honestly, we all know what we should be doing in our free time, but many of us have filled our plates with so many other obligations that we don’t have the time to do what is necessary to get ourselves ahead. We simply overcommit.




Overcommitment can get in between you and your dreams. (Check out my Why We Overcommit video)

Last week, I heard  National Keynote Speaker, Ron Karr from the National Speaker’s Association (not to be confused with the other NSA) speak on attaining our goals, and he mentioned distractions and time wasters that get in our way and our success. Ron shared that he has two questions on his office wall, and he lives by these each day:

Question #1: What does success look like to me—right here, right now?

Question #2: Do my actions support it?

The reality is that, when we say yes to too many things, we run the risk of not having time for those things that matter most to us.

Here are a few things to think about before saying YES to that next volunteer situation or project:

  • Is this activity in alignment with my vision of success?
  • Will it get me to my goal or take me away from it?
  • If I say YES to this, what will I be saying NO to? (Think: will it take time away from my family, exercise time, study time, writing time, etc.)
  • Do I realistically have time to fulfill this commitment properly and on time? (You don’t want to overcommit and run the risk of disappointing people [for instance, your boss], damaging trust, or hurting your reputation.)

It’s when we get really clear and focused about what it is that we most desire in our lives that we will be able to find the clarity, courage, and guilt-free confidence to say no to the requests, invitations, and even the opportunities that come our way.

If you find yourself rushing around all the time, stressed out, and overcommitted, it’s time to purge some of those obligations. It’s time as they sing in Frozen to “Let it Go!”

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  • I found myself nodding “yes” while viewing this awesome video! I’ve been known to over commit – but no more! I just didn’t want to say no. I mean really, how do you say no to someone you “feel” needs you? What I’ve recently learned are the two key points you mentioned Karen: (1) Is this activity in alignment with my vision of success? and (2) Will it get me to my goal or take me away from it? — Thank you for the reminder, I actually enjoy saying “no” these days 🙂

  • So true what you are saying! It is so hard to hold back for so many reasons. But after a while you can sense that overwhelming feeling even before you over commit. So just developing a way to help you pause, with a mantra like let me check my calendar, so you can pause and think.

    As always love what you share!