Dreams Do Come True-Start Dreaming!

I have been a member of National Speakers Association for over 13 years and only missed one National Conference.  Every year I beg my Houston NSA friends to join me…it happened once 2008 in San Diego. My reoccurring dream over the years is to come to a National NSA convention with a group of girlfriends…have fun, learn a ton and then spend the rest of the year discussing a few of the concepts and  ideas learned at the conference.

Well this year it happened. Crystal Washington, Bambi McCullough and Cecilia Rose are not only now members of NSA National they are here at the Marriott Anaheim the Disneyland row, with me and 1500 other speakers.  For the next 4 days I will keep you posted on our adventure!

We miss you Danielle and know that you are here in our heats!

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  • Now, I just have to use monumental self-control to focus on the conference versus Mickey Mouse!