Facebook is Not Just for Gen Y- I Love Facebook for Business

If you still read the papers, watch the news, or saw the movie, The Social Network, you know that Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and co-founders Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin. These Harvard friends launched Facebook from their dorm room back in February of 2004.

For the first couple of years, Facebook was only available to the Gen Y colleges students.  After 2006 it went main stream and the rest is history.

Today Facebook has hundreds of millions of users and has become the #1 way we network, stay connected to friends and family, and generate extreme visibility for small businesses as well as the Fortune 500’s.

Facebook has LIKE Power! It helps you to create a loyal following, build your brand, and  hopefully increase your profits.

You can create a “PAGE” that focuses on your personal brand, your business, product, or service.  On Facebook you can advertise an Event, share Photos, Videos, and Slides.  Facebook is constantly changed the way we do business, the way we connect to people and products. Facebook  helps us build both personal and professional relationships…and, it’s free!

Did you know that Facebook 93% or the adult US internet users are on Facebook? And that the average Facebook user spends over 11 hours per month on the site?

Also more than 33% of business marketers say the Facebook is CRITICAL to their business and that number keeps rising!

I am a believer and here are a few of the reasons Why I love Facebook for my Speaking Business:

1.  I has helped my and my brand Karen McCullough Speaker expand my digital footprint.

2. It helps me “Get Found” by potential event planners, meeting planners, and people interested in hearing me speak.

3.With the Facebook app. NetworkedBlogs it drives traffic to my blog , about .me and my website.

4.  It has deepend many business relationships.  We  now all have personalities to go along with our titles and positions.

5. It has connected me to people that I would normally never meet, like Guy Kawasaki! It has connected me to people I have admired from afar, people I haven’t seen or talked to in years, and new fabulous people I did not know even existed!

6. Facebook allows you to learn more about your competitors, and nudges you to keep growing.

7.  It makes me feel good each morning when I send birthday wishes to the Birthday People.  BTW Happy Birthday Liz Plaster and Chris Loomis!

8. It helps me “keep in touch”- kind of like the digital phone call.  I am noticing that when I say something nice to someone or just a brief remark it makes me feel goo and that helps my productivity!

9. Facebook has helped us sell over 500copies of  The Seven Women Project! Our fans on SWP fan page are loyal, interactive and they are spreading the word about our book on their walls!  This has been very eye-opening. The power of LIKE rocks!

10.  Facebook is a great teaching tool.  I continue to read others posts, blogs, and articles. It helps me stay relevant.

If yo want to learn more about Facebook connect on Socialtunities and learn how to leverage the opportunities of social media.

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