Failure is Part of the Growth- I fall down but I get up again…

Many times I am asked the secret to being a successful keynote speaker. And over and over I say that I just kept at it. I never quit. Failure is part of the growth and it means I am trying new things. Each time I give a presentation I looked for a tiny way to make the next presentation a little better. At times I stumbled and a few times I can say that I even failed. Like Chumbawamba so wisely said- “I get knock down but I get up again” – falling down is part of the journey to success.  Unlike the reality shows that are so popular today, success is not fast. It takes time, dedication, resilience and knowing that sometimes when we slip up we acknowledge it, learn from it, become more authentic, and ultimately become better.

So, when you’ve slipped and you are having a tough time getting back up watch this video, brush yourself off and get back at it!


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  • Quin

    I really enjoyed this video and the simple, honest and innocent truth it represents. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

    • karen

      You are right, we complicate life. Thanks for responding.