Five Social Media Tips – Building the Foundation

Congratulations! You are now on Facebook and many of you are Tweeting! (Follow me!) So, here are five tips that will help you grow a following and leverage your  social media opportunities for your business and your career.

1. Stop talking, Start Listening
and then Start the Conversation.
Find out who your followers are and what they are interested in hearing. Ask questions, do research, and then listen. If you want to find out what people are saying about a certain topic in real time go to Once you have an  idea of what people are interested in,  start the conversation.  Tag people in posts or on twitter and bring them into the conversation.(Here’s how you tag: “@”and their profile name in Facebook “@”and their user name in Twitter) To learn more about Facebook and how to tag – here.

2. Get an area of Expertise and then and Brendon Burchard says,  Claim and Master your Topic. Create a topic- focused social media and content marketing strategy that builds your brand.   Brendon says, “Make sure that your topic is something that you are passionate, want to read and learn and write about, and that you are willing to live and breath for the next five years.”  Get an area of expertise (a topic) then focus and stay the course.

3. Quality over Quantity…
Unless you are a big-time marketer, it is  better to have fewer friends and followers that you share ideas, and  acknowledge than  a gazillion people who you know nothing about nor do you care about… and then they stop following in a couple of weeks, anyway! Build relationships, grow connect and chat-it-up with your friends and followers!

4. Patience ~ Persistence ~ Passion (Thank you Gary V)
Social media and content marketing success do not  happen overnight.
You have to  commit to the long haul if you want to  achieve results- be patient! Create a Social Media ritual and do something every day. Try and put at least 30 minutes into your social media every day. It is better to do a little each day than a lot once a week or month.  And then, show us your passion! Get us excited about you and your ideas. How can we get excited about you and your ideas if you’re not excited?

5. Develop a Sharing Mindset, The Baby-Boomer’s nature is to hide and keep for self…Gen X started this concept of sharing and giving it away(Remember your Mix Tape?). Today Gen Y not only gives it away but they remember to honor the messenger. Be giving and share and remember…There is enough rock for all of us!

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