How Each Generation Uses Social Media

Social media is no longer viewed as “kids stuff” and the social media pioneer days of My Space are long gone. Today Boomers, Gen X & Y ,corporations, brands, organizations, and associations are all embracing social media.  We are realizing that social media is a fantastic way to engage with family, friends, customers and future customers.

Everyone may be on social media but not all the generations are using “The Big 4”- Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube– in the same manner. If you are trying to target a certain market with your social media efforts this may help you understating who is doing what on social media. If you watch  to the video you will  get a better understanding  how the each of generations are engaging in social media.

A few months ago I did a webinar with digital marketing strategist and social media junkie Chris Rash  where Chris shared  this chart showing the 7 user levels of social media.

Are you a Social Media Spectator, Joiner, Collector, Critic ,Conversationalist, a Creator …or are you all of the above!




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