Lesson from Comedian Louis C.K. – When do you practice?

One of my favorite comics is a guy named Louis CK.  He’s very raw and very funny and I laugh really hard at his humor. I love his bit about technology and  Gen Y- Here’s a taste!

Back to the post…
When he’s not doing huge concerts he hangs out in comedy clubs. That’s where he tries out new material.  The comedy clubs are small and very intimate and he gets a more honest audience response.  He tries out new material and he is sure that being fresh and new is what fills the seats at his concerts.
Stage time is where he practices – in small comedy clubs that do not pay him. He drops in and gives his time away and practices!  He creates fresh and new material and that is what fills the house!

I love this information. I hear so many speakers say that they speak once a month or so…How do they stay sharp? Where are they practicing?  I have a lot of humor in my programs and I know that timing is everything. If I am not on stage I also get shaky and almost neurotic!  I have to create opportunities where I am continually getting in front of audiences some small and some for a small fee to PRACTICE and try out  new material. It’s part of the job.

I believe that no matter what business you are in there is a need to practice and sharpen your skills.
Where do you practice?
I would love to know? Please answer and start the conversation!

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