Share Your Personal Brand on a Cool New Site…and it’s free!

A fellow professional speaker and marketing great, Ford Saeks recently recommended the site, perfect for marketing your personal brand. It’s a free site where you can create a really cool splash page about YOU. What is a splash page you may be asking? On this site it is one page that shows us all your links, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube, Your websites and even your blog…if you are a blogger.
From a branding aspect it is the perfect place to be and it only take you about 10 minutes (if you have been doing your branding homework)!

First you upload a photo that reflects who you are. Check out some of the profiles of the team. At the bottom of the site click on About Us and then click on Team and you will see the most creative photos and get ideas for your splash page photo.

Next, create your Headline. Tell us what you do!  If you want to see what others wrote click on people and the search and snoop around!

Now it’s time for your Profile: Keep is short and sweet! You can even all bullets, and links!

Last you get to link up to your website URL, Twitter, Facebook,  LinkdIn, YouTube Flickr , and many more…

Then use your URL in your email signature and spread the word about YOU!

and…if you have a second you can go and check me out! BTW, I am hiring Mike Svat to do a  new photo next week!

If you don’t have a website or you are not happy your site, this might be a great resource.  Be creative and let me know if you create a page. I’ll be sure and check you out!

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