Thanks Justin-Social Media Tip: Hang out where your customers hang out!

I remember when Gen Y- Justin Bieber first came on the pop culture scene back in 2008 and I honestly thought it was a joke…I mean really, a mom videos her 12 year old son and posts it on YouTube for his friends to see…and POW he’s discovered by Scooter (What kind of a name is Scooter?) Braun, a talent manager?

Well I guess I was wrong on this one!

YES!!! That’s how it happened!  The power of YouTube put him in front of millions of crazed pre-teens and teenage girls and they made him famous in what seems like an instant!  Actually it took about 3 years to build his brand on YouTube.

Fast forward to June 4, 2012
Did you see the June 4th issue Forbes where Justin Bieber became the all-time youngest person to appear on the cover? Forbes ranked him 3rd most influential celeb right after Jennifer Lopez and our beloved Oprah! Not only is he young and famous but he got their really F-A-S-T! Since 2009 he has sold over 15 Million albums grossing 150 million.


So how did he do all of this so fast? Social Media!  He simply hangs out where his fans hang out… on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Here are some amazing Bieber stats :

•    @JustinBieber has 25+ million Twitter followers—more than any person on Earth except for  Lady Gaga.

•    On Facebook he has 45,750,364 likes · million likes (fans ) –  more than Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s put together.

•    Justin’s YouTube channel was the biggest in the world before he even had a record deal

•  Justin’s first performance at Madison Square Gardens in New York City sold out in just 22 seconds.

•    (Now he’s branching out) Justin has sold 1 million bottles of his nail polish line, “One Less Lonely Girl.”

•    Justin’s perfume Someday made $60 million worth of sales in its first 6 months.


So what’s the big take away from all of this. Actually there are a few


1. Social media, and the internet are  HUGE! And…before you jump in on everything,  you have to know your customer and where they are hanging out! Otherwise you are just wasting your time! Do you know where your customers hang out? Find out and make sure you are there, constantly working  on your brand…and getting noticed.

2.  Engage with your customer. Spend time responding, answering, re-tweeting, sharing their content  and asking questions.  Focus and use your time wisely!

3.  We are all in the business of SALES- you may be a teacher, scientist, and HR director or a musician…today we are all in the business of self-promotion. How and where are you promoting YOU?

4. Loyalty is not dead! Keep growing your fan base!

5. oh… and maybe you should start videoing your kids!

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