The Power of Your Story – Facts Tell and Stories SELL!

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                                                        My newest program for leadership, sales, marketing!

Move over Cool Food, storytelling isn’t just for kids anymore – it’s serious business! Your stories are a powerful tool that can help you advance your career, move you into a leadership role, help you sell more, speak more, and build a memorable professional brand.

We each have a story inside us waiting to be told. Powerful stories do more than entertain – they can establish rapport, motivate teams, make the sale,  relieve stress, build trust, manage expectations and so much more…

Photo Flickr: Alan Cleaver.

Ultimately, we are remembered by our story, but nobody will tell your story if you don’t first tell it yourself.  

Recently I presented my NEW PROGRAM The Power of Your Story to Collaborate Marketplace in Denver and it was a great success.

If you want to learn how to tell your story and have a great time while learning, come to my Story Telling workshop on July 19th In Houston Texas. Read all about it here!  Learn how to make your story right and tight and hold the listeners attention.

Your Story will Rock so just remember…

1. Stories are one of the most underutilized tools in business today. Use your story to your advantage.

2. It’s best when you Add some emotions…because stories create Emotions which stimulates Motivation that cranks up Action and creates Results.

3. They may forget your name but they will remember your story if you make it STICKY!

4. A great story is repeatable!

5. People want to hear your secrets to success!

Stay committed  and practice, practice, practice!. If you

and  Put your story in your presentation- You’ll thank me! because Stories Stick!  So, Email, Text, Tweet or FB me if you need a little help!


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