When You Snooze, Do You Lose? Is waking up early a generational thing?


Maybe it’s a generational thing, but my internal clock gets me up and out of bed each day on or before 5:30 AM.  I am up, with coffee in hand, and at my computer creating and writing long before the sun comes up.  I guess it’s my boomer generation’s work ethic showing. Although I have read many stories that correlate waking up early with success, I do it because it’s the only time in my day when I can carve out precious time to write and be productive.  In addition, I have discovered that my early morning “creative time” starts my day with a positive and even inspirational tone …I get more stuff done and I feel happy about myself.

So before you hit that snooze button remember this…


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  • Karen, I agree that there’s much to be said for early rising. But enough sleep is a necessity as well, so early waking needs to be accompanied by hitting the sack early. Seem to remember Ben Franklin said something about this.

  • Betty

    I love the up early, its peacfull, I can think about the day and other things, where I live from my deck I can see the mountains and hear the birds, I realy love that.