Women Rock like a Rocken’ RockStar

A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege to keynote at  the United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council in the Woodlands, Texas.
The theme of the event was, “Women Who Rock.” The previous year they had my good friend and Houston Rock Star, Dayna Steele keynote, so I new I had some big shoes to fill. More than 450 women attended this fantastic luncheon with the purpose of supporting the United Way Women’s Leadership Council Young
Mother’s Daycare Scholarship. Since the theme was Women Who Rock, my Rock like a rocken’ RockStar story was the perfect ending for their conference. I was psyched!

I was enjoying interacting with the attendees, and was especially have fun with Ms. Retta Bobo, discovering that we both have great taste and the exact same glasses frames- IMG_2686

When Retta took the stage I was thrilled that she was the first speaker. She opened saying that we were there to support the Montgomerycounty United Way and break the cycle of poverty and dependence through education.She then told her story sharing the difficulty of having an infant while trying to finish her college education. The cost of quality daycare is one of the greatest obstacles young mothers face if they want to continue their education.


Then the two scholarship recipients spoke and brought the audience to tears and amazement as they shared their stories of love, passion, challenges, determination and achievement. One of the women said it best, “The daycare obstacle was the 20-foot-tall cement wall standing between me and my education, and the daycare scholarship crumbled that wall.” She is now studying nursing at Lone Star College and hopes to continue her education by completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees to become an anesthesiologist.


When it was my time to speak, I took the emotion and the inspiration from the scholarship recipients I delivered my message, sharing that we just heard proof that it is how we face our challenges that matter. I said, “Through our coming together today we can see that we are not facing any of these challenges alone. And that it is vital that we encourage, support and elevate each other. “

The conference title, Women Who Rock, was right on, not only for the attendees but  for all women. Women are not small, we are not insignificant, and we are not “less than”- we are ENOUGH! Actually, we are more than enough, and the world needs to see more of us. More of our inner awareness, more of our self confidence, creativity, youthfulness, open-mindedness, more of our feminine spirit and our wisdom.

Because as women we all ROCK like  ROCKEN’ ROCKSTARS!